About Us - Spreaditfast blogger network


About Us - Spreaditfast blogger network

Who Are We?

The short story is that we connect bloggers with brands.

We also have a long story.

Our team work alongside a digital marketing agency specialising in video and e-commerce marketing. Together, we have compiled a comprehensive database of people that represent a diverse range of British society.

Understanding the ins and outs of the changing digital landscape allows us to streamline what we do. 

Combining social influence with our database and a thorough knowledge of available technology, we are able to develop strategies and drive success for everyone involved.

As a result of our work, we have a strong client and blogger list that we proudly work with on a regular basis. 


We partner with global brands to help them maximise the impact of their campaigns.

We work alongside influencers, social media personalities and bloggers enabling brands to reach their desired audience. 


Apart from fostering the relationship between bloggers and brands, we also have a distinct offline presence.

We organise events for bloggers, co-ordinate press days with our clients and provide quality video and photographic content.

We like to provide a fun atmosphere and aim to make sure that bloggers, brands and our team all have great memories of each campaign.




Product Reviews - Spreaditfast blogger network


Product Reviews - Spreaditfast blogger network

The Perks of Being a Blogger

We know people blog for all sorts of reasons - to share experiences, help others and connect with like-minded people around the world.

And we want to work with you.

Product Reviews

Many blogs contain helpful product reviews, which aid people in their decision-making. Personalised reviews enable readers to gain access to impartial advice and by-pass the often biased information manufacturers and adverts provide. 

With this shift in mind, companies appreciate the strength of blogging communities and want to work with bloggers on product reviews.

We are able to offer bloggers the opportunity to be sent products, not only for testing but also to keep. You never know you, might be lucky enough to get a free phone or laptop! All in return for your blogging efforts.

Like the look of these items? You could be reviewing them after signing up with us!


Sponsored Competitions

Lumix Olympics Camera.jpg
When I was asked by Spreaditfast if I wanted to run a competition on my blog for one of my readers to win a Panasonic camera, I immediately said yes.

The winner (who I picked at random) was chuffed to win his camera. A lovely surprise, I didn’t realise I’d also be getting a camera for taking part!
— Jordan from Godiva Gamers

Panasonic Flag Tag Competition

•       20 bloggers

•       666 comments on the competition posts + 1123 entries

•       74 Tweets

•       32 Facebook Likes

•       188 mentions on Google+

Full case study available for DOWNLOAD


Fashion Campaigns - Spreaditfast blogger network


Fashion Campaigns - Spreaditfast blogger network

At Spreaditfast we like to get our hands dirty. We get involved in - as well as organise - a variety of events to help brands and bloggers to connect. 

Press Days

We help facilitate brands in locating and bringing together the correct circle of people to preview their new products. 

In fashion, we have worked with the likes of French Connection, Warehouse and the luxury fashion brand Joseph, to name but a few. 

For technology brands, such as Panasonic, we ensure that the latest innovations are well communicated - whether shared though the most relevant blogs, or the increasingly important medium of YouTube video.

It is imperative in fashion to have a presence in the blogging community and to have people talking about your brand. 

@Spreaditfast LOVED the @WareStyle SS14 collection! Thanks for having us.
Wow, loving the loftstyle minimal homeware at the @fcuk #ss14pressday @Spreaditfast
— @juliarebaudo

Early Insight

For bloggers, press days are a fantastic way to get involved in the buzz.

You have a unique opportunity to preview collections that haven’t seen daylight quite yet and even question the designers of the products. 

You can also get your hands on unreleased items, play with the latest gadgets and witness the progress of technology as it happens. 

Megan Fox in 4K @PanasonicUK @Spreaditfast! http://instagram.com/p/f51mlMRUsV/ #smartviera4k
— @johnhood

Exclusive Content 

Such events are usually organised for a very select number of viewers, so it’s a perfect opportunity to keep your blog one step ahead of rivals. 

New Contacts

Press days are an ideal way to further your contacts and your passion for the industry. As we mentioned with technology brands, if you’re interested in it then it’s the perfect scenario to speak to the creators of the products, which is unlikely to happen elsewhere. If you’re lucky you might just get to go away with a goodie bag!

The best thing of all? We always have drool-worthy bites to eat!

Tweet, Like, Pin... Blog!

Overall, we believe in the importance of great content across blogs and social media and a genuine connection between bloggers and brands.


Video Campaigns - Spreaditfast blogger network


Video Campaigns - Spreaditfast blogger network

Viral Videos

Visual creativity offers boundless possibilities. It often surpasses all expectations and there is a growing demand for information in a video format. 

Video is a great way for companies to target their audience and for bloggers to post stories with rich media to engage their readers.

To meet this trend we work with some very exciting advertisers, who really push the industry forward in terms of how they entertain, shock and provoke the viewers to think.

As part of its 'Xperia Versus' series, Sony gave PYYRAMIDS, Damian Kulash of OK Go and photographer Martien Mulder its Xperia Z smartphones, took them to Swedish Lapland and invited them to create a music video inspired by the Northern Lights. 

Click image to watch.

Media Landscape

Video campaigns offer companies a great opportunity to tell the story of a brand. Video is also wonderfully engaging, making it easy talk about and share the latest from brands you love. 

Great Work

The Sony Xperia Z vs The Northern Lights features stunning stop motion visuals accompanied by great music from OK Go's Damian Kulash. A song written and performed to communicate the "sound" of the Northern Lights - who wouldn't want to share that?

Backstage Pass

Viral video campaigns are a hugely exciting development to be involved in and something that more and more bloggers are beginning to relate to. As a blogger, you have a backstage pass into the development of these videos. You can offer sneak peeks behind the scenes and be the first to show the final product to your readership.

This results in you generating a lot of hits for your own sites, as well as to the overall success of the client’s video campaign. You never know - you just might be responsible for making a video campaign go viral and hit an even bigger audience than was first intended!


Events - Spreaditfast Blogger Network


Events - Spreaditfast Blogger Network

Product reviews, press days, viral videos and social gatherings.

It’s all in a day’s work.

The nature of media is ever changing and so are the ways we connect. The blogosphere has opened up new options for business, bloggers and consumers. We aim to unite everyone there. 


Now, we're off to unwind and chat over a drink or two. Care to join us?


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